Crazy crazy crazy (and scary) Grandma

Type of game: Outside of the box logic, little scary
Difficulty level: Medium
Group size: 2-6    (Optimal group size: 4)
Minimal age: 13   (8 years with adults)
Team building features: Yes

We were a group of 5 people who played the Grandma challenge. Nice personnel, helpful with instructions before and during the game. The game was just challenging enough. Remember to go step by step!

Me and 8 colleagues went to visit Exit Games in Gamla Stand as part of a project kick out session. Located on the busy touristy Västerlånggatan this escape room really gets you're brain activitiy going. You really need to be focused AND being able to communicate with your friends/colleagues in order to solve the puzzles and riddles. One hour well spent – loads of fun!

Tried crazy grandma with 4 others and had a lot of fun! Very exciting and involving. Extremely kind staff. Would definitely recommend trying out exit games.
Great fun to see three 17 year old girls work together and solve the tasks for 1 hr. They come back to manage Valhalla shortly.
So much fun ! Exciting to find Grandmom with my 2 friends. Hard and think outside the box for sure but fun !
Exit Games was amazing! It requires not just high IQ and think outside the box but also some skills. And the game was just generally well put together.
We were on the Exit Games Stockholm as part of our after-work job and everyone had such great fun! Perfect for getting to know each other better and to have better cooperation in the group. Would highly recommend it to other groups / companies who want a fun and slightly competitive activity to do together.
Visited Stockholm Exit games for the second time. Both the Valhalla and Finding grandma challenges are worth a try! Fun and tension guaranteed for 1 hour! 🙂
Varied and good difficulty level. Kidnapping Drama with music in the background. The music does a lot of experience and empathy.
Had a great time trying to complete the mission. Almost made it. Not impossible, but we needed a few clues.