Type of game: Logical, mystic and historical
Difficulty level: Medium/hard
Group size: 2-6    (Optimal group size: 4)
Minimal age: 15   (10 years with adults)
Team building features: Yes


Valhalla: Reviews

"Valhalla" is very interesting quest. I highly recommend it to all. It's not the simplest quest, so be prepared to have a good team work or you won't reach "Valhalla"

Visited Stockholm Exit games for the second time. Both the Valhalla and Finding grandma challenges are worth a try! Fun and tension guaranteed for 1 hour! 🙂

A fun and exciting experience, much more difficult than I had expected! I would love to do it again, this time with our teenage daughters

Cool viking room with many locks. We were 4 people but 5 would have been perfect! The leader was very kind and engaged!

When I told a friend that I was visiting Stockholm, he insisted that I visit Exit Games. It's a lot of fun – challenging & frustrating. The time flies by. The game was well plotted & paced & had our adrenaline racing right up to the end

Well made exit room with some nice scary effects. Some tricky puzzles but not too far-fetched. Should entertain people of all ages, even though it might be too scary for children.

We were in Valhalla for team building and fun. The facilities and service were great, and the room provided fun, need for team effort, and lots of adrenalin. Can only recommend it!

Me and my friends had a great time at exitrooms. We played Valhalla and made it 3 minutes before time ran out. We all enjoyed the game and every one of us was needed to solve the game.

We were locked in the room named "Valhalla" for an hour. My 11-year old and I had been reading up on Norse myths, so it was a thrill coming across references to the various Norse gods and figures. We didn't manage to crack it, but it was still great fun! Our host was very kind

Me and five friends did Valhalla Rising and really enjoyed it. The puzzles had a cleaver design and allowed for many different kinds of problem solving. For some problems it was necessary to engage the whole group so we thought it was nice to have the teamwork encouragement built in. Staff was also really friendly and offered witty clues when we where stuck without spoiling the solution. He told us about the origin of the concept of escape games and other fun trivia. I'd recommend this to everyone!

We enjoyed our visit to Exit Rooms. We did the Viking room Valhalla. It was way to hard for two people to complete in an hour but the staff was friendly and helpful. A great activity I would recommend but for a larger group. Have fun!