Reason for the murder (motive): REVENGE

Year of the murder: 1756

Weapon used: Bow and 30 arrows

Crime scene: Brända tomten (Under Kastanjen)

Age of the murdered person: 59 years

Murderers name: Nobel (probably not his real name, but anyway)


The famous statue of Sankt Göran and the Dragon inside Storkyrkan is the original statue compared to the metal one you saw at
Köpmantorget, if you remember? 
There is actually more to be told in this story. The statue in Storkyrkan is not the
first one in that church. The first one dissapeared a long time ago and has never been found.
But we know some facts about that ancient statue: The real old statue in the
church showed the saint killing a……you will not believe this…
No one knows the actual reason for that but it is really scary and makes this
history known as one of the most famous unsolved mysteries in this ancient
part of the city.

By the way:

Did you figure out how many hours this murder sequence actually took that day?

If so, write it three times using letter like this “sevensevenseven”

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