Welcome to the game!

This is an outdoor game in Gamla stan to be used with any mobile unit.

You will get instructions during the game what to do, and where to go. PLEASE FOLLOW!

Everybody in the team can do the game simultaneasly.

Just log in with the given password! (please observe that the required password will be changed over time, usually on Mondays. Just let us know if that is any problem for you)

The following icon leads to map that shows where you shall be for the specific point in the game. A golden star will show you the position. The map will have a button to go back to the page from where you came. 

Click on the map icon BELOW as a test. (this map will also be the actual starting point)

The game is about solving riddles during a walking path in Gamla stan. The mission is to figure out what happened during the day of this mystic murder. In the end you will have a lot of information of this case.

Every point in the game has a field where to type in the answer. An answer needs to be 100% correct otherwise the answer is wrong. Please be very observant with details and follow the instructions how to enter the answers carefully. The answers can consist of digits, letters and other tokens or combinations of those.

If an answer is correct, you will be furthered to the next step in this mystic murder game!

If you enter something else you will come to the WRONG ANSWER PAGE

Please test writing “ANYTHING” in this answering form:

Title of the document Put in your answer here?

Ok, now you have all instructions.

Oh, I forgot to mention the two buttons on each page. There will be a HINT and a SOLUTION if you need assistance.

Type “INTRODUCTION” and enjoy!