Crime scene

After passing Svartmannagatan he came to a small square. By coincidence it was the same square as the location of the factory where M worked earlier that day. One theory is that the man could have been on his way to see his brother. M was discovered by the man who immediately understood what it was all about. An intensive fight started accordingly and they both knewthey were fighting about the same person. The fight went out of control and people left the place for their own safety. 

After some minutes M actually killed the man using the weapon and the 30 arrows he just bought. The man did had not expected any weapons to be used so he was unarmed. Basically, he was simply slaughtered in an unfair game with only one possible outcome. M buried the man afterwards right at the middle of the square. But now he wanted to destroy everything: the body, the evidence, the memories, the factory etc and he had some good explosives in his pocket. 

But the matches were scrambled!