Priest attack

Going out from the castle square through the same gate as he entered M ran into a priest who started to talk with M about ”right and wrong”. M was really irritated about this and simply hit the priest on the cheek. The priest was so badly hit and ended up in hospital. This is known as ”The Priest Attack in Gamla stan”. To memorize or lets say pay back that this happened to the church the city decided to put up a statue of Olaus Petri here. But the ones who made the statue kept a secret that is one of the most unknown mysteries in Gamla stan. The life time of Olaus Petri shown on the label on the statue is not correct and what is written is exactly the same as the age of the man who was murdered. Why it was done like this is still a mystery.

Title of the document HOW OLD WAS THE MURDERED PERSON? ( write like this: "age??" )