Almost caught

After leaving the stairs M took left and was soon out on a big square called Järntorget which in Swedish means the square of iron (Fe). Nowadays this passage is sometimes blocked with fences, if so, you need to walk around the stairs somehow, using another road!

Here there was so much things going on so he could easily hide in the crowd of people. Was he safe? Not really, the explosion has been heard everywhere and the rumour of his appearence had spread among the people. It was just a matter of time before he was discovered and suddenly a woman pointed him out and screamed: “There is the murderer – catch him!”.

The woman took a big bar of copper (Cu) from a broken fence in her hands and approached him. M was of course terrified and started to run. He took left down the other big street – Österlånggatan. But just before entering that street M found a silver (Ag) braclet from his wife. Hmm, he was on the way to her somehow.

Watch out!

If you enter the correct code below, you will still need an additional password to proceed. Please go to Österlånggatan 41 and there you will find a company dealing with escape issues. Nine letters in a row is the correct password 🙂

Title of the document LOTS OF METALS! (use numbers)