Exit Games – escape room – in Stockholm

Test your logic, creative thinking  and communication skills in Exit Games escape rooms in Stockholm.
Exit Games Stockholm presents 2 fully-equipped entertainment centres offering 5 unique room-escape missions for teams of 2-6 players.  Specially-crafted escape rooms are set up for players where lockers, fences, and other challenging puzzles will stand between you and your final goal. Race against the clock as you solve critical situations, complete interdependent tasks and hone your social and communication skills.
But remember: only teamwork pays out…
Five unique escape room adventures

1 The Collector - Södermalm booknow2  (18+ Only)

Escape room Stockholm Södermalm - CollectorWarning: This terrifying escape is not for the faint of heart...
Locked the deepest catacombs below Södermalm, you and your team are about to become the latest victims of an infamous killer: The Collector. When opportunity strikes, you seize your chance to escape, but is this fate, or all just part of his deadly game? 
It's you against him. Collaborate to escape, your life might just depend upon it...


2 Mission Undercover - Södermalm booknow2

Escape room Stockholm Södermalm - Mission Undercover- Incoming Transmission - 
Location: CCCP Contra-espionage bunker in [CENSORED]

Mission: We've located the CCCP's bunker. Your mission is simple - infiltrate the base, arm the bomb and set the timer. No trouble for a crack-team of spies, right? Here's the hard part: getting out with your lives.  This mission will require all of your skills and creativity. Good luck, Agents.

3 Secrets of Valhalla - Gamla Stanbooknow2

Escape room Stockholm Gamla stan - ValhallaChallenge the Old Gods and experience Norse mythology in the historic heart of Stockholm!
The great viking Grimulv and his brave warriors have died with honour in a mighty battle and now they've awakened in...a tomb? It's dark, narrow, quiet... it's boring!
You'll need to use all of your wits and courage to find your way to your rightful places in the halls of Valhalla but be warned: make a mistake and the evil god Hel will take you on a one-way trip to the underworld...

4 Crazy Grandma! - Gamla Stanbooknow2

Escape room Stockholm Gamla stan - Crazy GrandmaOld ladies don't just disappear...

No-one has heard from Grandma since she vanished on her way to the grocery store 20 years ago. The trail has gone cold and you've just about given up hope when suddenly you detect signs of life!
You only have 60 minutes to save Grandma from the villainous band of kidnappers but will you be able to figure out Grandma's crazy clues? 

5 THE CELL - Gamla Stan  (2 persons only)booknow2


Escape room Stockholm Gamla stan - The CellWhat if escaping could be worse than being trapped?

You wake up into a real-life nightmare. Being trapped in a cell is bad enough, but when the world outside is being ravaged by a nuclear disease, you're going to have to do more than just escape! The future is uncertain and it's going to take some serious brain-power to get out of here alive. 

Choose your team-mate wisely for this exclusive 2-person challenge, you're relying on them for your survival. Two heads are better than one... if you can trust them.

Welcome to The Cell!