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How to book in Gamla stan

Check out your room preferences in Gamla stan first, then just find the corresponding booking calendar(s) below. Green pad lock means available to book. If you need several escape rooms you have a good overview of their availability. 

The amount of persons is only preliminary, we will take payment after the game for the people that actually comes and play.

Our cancellation policy is 24 hours.

Please note that we have two different locations in Gamla stan, even if they are very close to each other. 

After booking you should receive a confirmation mail, if not, the room might not be booked. If that happens, please contact us by mail. 

And check your spam-filter 🙂

Dracula´s Mother

Österlånggatan 41 – GAMLA STAN

Secrets of Luxor

Österlånggatan 41 – GAMLA STAN

Berlin 1 - Enigma Code

Österlånggatan 41 – GAMLA STAN

The Club

Västerlånggatan 42 – GAMLA STAN

Al Capone

Västerlånggatan 42 – GAMLA STAN

The cell

Västerlånggatan 42 – GAMLA STAN

The Testament

Västerlånggatan 42 – GAMLA STAN

Mission undercover - Escape room at Södermalm

This room is dedicated to large group bookings that play Al Capone and The Club at the same time. Groups size in total up to appr 20 persons. Max 6 pers in The Testament, max 6 pers in Al Capone och max 6 pers in The Club. This arrangement is only possible during week days. If you are interested in a big event with these 3 escape rooms, please contact us by mail, contact form or telephone.