Our Game Rules

Escape room - what is it?

Escape rooms are adventures where a team shall try to accomplish some kind of mission in a theme designed place. The problems to solve are basically intellectual and logical skills and collaboration within the team will always be the key to success. The amount of people in our rooms can vary between 2-8 persons, so every room might have different due to group size.


No specific preparation needs to be done in advance and no theme knowledge is required either. However, you might need to be able to read and make simple mathematical calculations. The games are set up both in English and Swedish, if written information is used at all.

It is preferrable that the team should arrive appr 10 min before game start to assure the daily schedule to be fulfilled. And please observe we do have 3 different locations of escape room centers in Stockholm, of which 2 of them are in Gamla stan.


The game masters will tell you everything you need to know before letting you enter the escape room. But here are some of the points that will be covered.

The control room

There are several cameras in each escape room to assure that the game master is able to follow the proceedings of the team. Also microphones are installed to assist. If help is needed the game master is ready to push the team in the right direction by giving a small hint using their microphones or walkie-talkies. You are under surveillence.

Some Donts in the rooms:

  • Do not climb on anything inside the room
  • Do not break anything, at least not on purpose
  • Do not take out any electric cable from a wall
  • Do not use a mobile phone or any other gadget you might bring with you for anything
  • Do not take any photos or pictures inside the rooms
  • Do not touch anything with a ”Dont touch”-symbol

All stuff/information is used only once. Everything has only one specific purpose. As a very clear example we mention a key to a lock. When the key is used means you can leave the key in the lock, because it will not be another lock to open with that key.

Playing tips

  • The team mates should spread out in the room.
  • Search everywhere is normally a good idea when entering an escape room.
  • Communicate with the others if you find anything interesting.
  • If you open a box (or similar) it is usually better to keep it open instead of closing it, even if you think you are done with it. You might have missed something.
  • If you find something it may be possible to use the thing immideately, but that is not for sure. Our escape rooms always has parallell possabilities to be solved.
  • If you get a hint from the game master, please try to focus on the information that was given. As an example: if you receive a hint to investigate the right corner little more you should do so until you find something interesting there.
  • Try not to make unneccesary mistakes due to bad communication. It happens often that information is”tweaked” so when a theory is tested it fails due to a communication failure.
  • If you try solve a specific problem without success it is likely that the wrong approach is used. Even if you think your idea is very clever (it might be so also but we do optimize our rooms over time to avoid such situations) but since it is not working try to abandon that idea.
  • It might seem like a good idea to use a mobile device for notes, or lets say calculations. The problem is that all the others tend to rely on those notes, meaning if the notes are wrong you will be stucked. All puzzels are designed to be solved with things provided in the rooms.